Friday 2pm Lytham Methodist Church Hall 


1.  What is Strictly Ballroom?

A dance class combining all your favourite strictly dances taught in a fitness style class so no partners needed.

2.  Do you need to be really fit for the class?

No - we have a break in-between each track and you can dance at your own pace.   There are no fast tracks in this class, all lower intensity so ideal for beginners and those new to exercise. 

3.  I can't dance - does that matter?

Not at all. I break down all the basic moves and we do the same routines for a few weeks so you can pick it up easily.  If you watch strictly you will recognise the moves that we do.  Best of all there are only 4 moves in each routine so you can enjoy dancing without worrying about routines. 

 4.  What should I wear and bring with me?

Something lightweight and comfortable, with trainers or dance shoes. Don't forget to bring a drink of water and a sense of humour.  

5.  How much is it?

Class is £5 for the White Church, £4.50 for Lytham Methodist

6.  I'm coming on my own, is that ok?

Yes, its no partner required, you can dance on your own but will meet some wonderful new friends and there are some great social things we do so you will be made very welcome in class.